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Nadeshiko Women's Clinic is providing a personalized healthcare for women throughout the lifecycle.

妊婦健診: 妊娠の診断から、妊娠後期32週まで日本語で診察します。

Prenatal Care: Mostly for Japanese speaking patients. I will provide personalized prenatal care up to 32 wks.


Lactation support: Painful latch, increasing supply, mastitis.

婦人科検診: 子宮頸がんの検査、マンモグラムのオーダーなどを行います。

Annual women's examination

不妊症の相談・検査: なかなか妊娠しない場合に、相談にのります。

Fertility counseling: Start from here before going to the specialist.

更年期相談: 更年期症状の診察、治療をします。

Menpausal concern: Diagnosis, life style advice, hormone and other appropriate prescriptions.



Testing and treating STD, Diagnosis and consultation about general gynecological problems and women's primary care.

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